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Story behind Yoga


Yoga is a word originating from Sanskrit (Old Indian), In Dutch we can translate the word as 'to connect'. It is a philosophy, way of living and practice method that, as you can deduce from the name, is about connecting and balancing all layers of our existence that seem opposite (mind and body, inside and outside, tension and relaxation, etc.), to eventually arrive at a natural state of being, in which life can be experienced in its entirety.

Consciousness with each other

Yoga teaches us to balance body and mind, and to balance mind and consciousness. The exercises (Asanas) give strength and energy and provide an overall pleasant feeling of relaxation.

People who are unfamiliar with yoga sometimes have the idea that yoga is mainly about doing complicated and uncomfortable physical exercises. The opposite is true. Of course there are many asanas that require the necessary strength and flexibility, but those who start with yoga soon notice that most classic yoga exercises are fairly easy to perform.

Injury or pain

Most people first come to yoga because of an injury or pain, usually in the back, knees or joints. Yoga uses controlled movements and breaths to open up the body. Attention and proper alignment of the body are paramount in a yoga class. This mindful way of moving reduces the risk of injury. In addition, yoga requires that you pay close attention to your own limits and do not exceed them. There is always a modification or variation of a pose that you can do without sacrificing challenge and progression. If you regularly attend a class, pain and injuries decrease through yoga as early as the first month.


Many people think they are not flexible enough for yoga. However, the body needs time to develop. Yoga poses are designed to make your body stronger and more flexible without compromising your body and limits. Important is the right combination of strength, mobility and balance that you build up in the lessons.
Once you start to feel the physical benefits of your yoga classes, you will find that your diet and sleep patterns adjust naturally. During the yoga class you will notice that you are so focused on the posture that there is no room for thoughts about work, bills or other matters. You are completely in the here and now, and that brings peace of mind. After class you will feel relaxed and grounded. The combination of a good feeling body and mind is the recipe for a healthier way of life.

Moments of stress

Whether in the workplace, at the gym, at family gatherings or at the grocery store, challenges are everywhere. Yoga trains you to remain calm and grounded, especially during moments of stress. Because why would someone squeeze themselves into a challenging yoga pose, and then also want to be asked to stand there and keep breathing? Because you face many more challenges in real life than on your yoga mat. By practicing staying calm in uncomfortable situations, both physically and mentally, you train yourself to be the best version of yourself. Even in the difficult moments.


Haradava sells products that contribute to the balance between body and mind. You can approach body and mind separately, but are not actually separate from each other. We offer high-quality products that contribute to health at all levels.


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