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About us

Over Haradava

Haradava was founded by two good friends who both have a great interest in a healthy and natural lifestyle. This does not mean that we always live or have lived healthy lives. We also sometimes make choices that are not good, fortunately less and less. For example, we occasionally drink wine, of course also sometimes visit the hamburger joint or lie on the couch with a bag of chips. However, we see it as a challenge to increasingly apply the 'degree' and to create a better balance. We do this for the simple reason that it makes us feel much better.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of unhealthy choices and try to apply better alternatives. This has gradually become a hobby of ours and we regularly exchange thoughts about this.
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Nature medicine
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Nature offers everything

We have a strong belief that nature provides everything man needs. If we look around us, we see that people are making large-scale use of products that are actually not good for health at all. We see this especially among foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

We as Haradava would like to offer natural alternatives to these resources. We sell products that we believe in and that contribute to a better balance between body and mind. The focus is on natural, organic products. As a first, we are starting to offer Microdosing truffles.


Haradava sells products that contribute to the balance between body and mind. You can approach body and mind separately, but are not actually separate from each other. We offer high-quality products that contribute to health at all levels.


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