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On a daily basis

On a daily basis, products are consumed that are full of E numbers, refined sugars, trans fats and all kinds of other things that are not obtained from mother nature. At Haradava we find something of that. It is not only about "unhealthy" products such as crisps and sweets, but also products that are seen as "healthy". Think of pre-packaged meat products such as chicken breast or filet american. Without all the extra additives, this will not keep longer than a maximum of two or three days. Nowadays you can eat this for more than a week because of all the additives.
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The pharmaceutical industry is actually no different. After all, a customer who has been cured is no longer a customer and at Haradava we are well aware of this. Unfortunately, finances represent health. Symptoms are treated, but unfortunately the cause is often not removed. Unfortunately, what is often overlooked are the long-term effects of structural drug use.
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Haradava is a strong proponent of food and medicines that are based in nature. Plants with a medicinal effect were used for thousands of years, but since the industrial revolution you see this less and less. Especially in countries such as India, this knowledge has been preserved and even highly developed. In the West we still have a lot of catching up to do in this area.


Haradava sells products that contribute to the balance between body and mind. You can approach body and mind separately, but are not actually separate from each other. We offer high-quality products that contribute to health at all levels.


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