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Microdosing means consuming a minimal dose of a psychedelic substance. For magic truffles, this applies to about 1/10th of a dose that normally gives a psychedelic experience.

There are different protocols and on average you take this dose for one to two months. Then a break of about two to four weeks. This time can be used to evaluate whether it has benefits in daily life. Microdosing will definitely not make you trip, not even a little bit. People who microdose do experience very small subtle effects. Microdosing works on a sub-perceptual level. As a result, you experience no psychedelic effects, no visual abnormalities and you can function normally during your daily activities.
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The subtle microdosing effects often experienced:

More energy
Clearer thinking, increased problem solving
More creativity
Better concentration
Positive mood
Emotional connection with the people around you
More aware of yourself and your surroundings
Being more in the 'Now', in the present moment


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