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The term psychedelic is composed of the Greek words ψυχή (psuchē, soul) and δηλοῦν (dēloun, to reveal) and when translated means 'mind-revealing'. Characteristics of a psychedelic experience are that one's mind perceives in a previously unknown way, or outside its usual limitations, and is uninhibited. A psychedelic state can be a variety of experiences that can be induced in different ways, for example through sensory stimulation, sensory deprivation, or hallucinogenic substances. Such experiences include hallucinations, changes in perception, synesthesia, altered states of consciousness, mystical states, and sometimes psychosis-like states.

Many people think of party drugs when they think of psychedelics; this is because the substances are also used for recreational purposes. Haradava believes that by doing so you are depriving the special product enormously because of all the special properties it possesses.

Since the time of the shamans, mushrooms and truffles have been used in combination with song and rituals to contact the divine in order to heal oneself.


Haradava sells products that contribute to the balance between body and mind. You can approach body and mind separately, but are not actually separate from each other. We offer high-quality products that contribute to health at all levels.


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